When we founded our company and community we had one mission in mind: help the planet. We did not think much about how we’re going to do it, where do to get money, how do we reach people. It was all foolish really. However, we succeeded. And the path to that success was equally foolish and simple. We simply contacted people spreading our idea of a healthier planet, thicker wallet and so we proved our love for the environment.

On the other hand, there were also individuals who rejected us right away. They didn’t see the point in what we tried to preach. They didn’t want to understand or they just couldn’t. If only we could rewind time and see how many times someone asked us: WHY? Why should I consider green building? Why should I use eco-friendly building materials? Why?

And we completely understand why many people are irritated when they hear „ environment enthusiasts.“ It is close to veganism-  pushy and annoying people push others even more away from something.

That is why we are writing this article. We are going to give you straightforward reasons why you SHOULD use eco-friendly building materials, and we’re going to share our experience with one particular company.


Sustainability is often misinterpreted lately. It became a trend that people often don’t use correctly. To live sustainably means to use materials and resources wisely. To avoid destroying resources or exploiting it to maximum, it means reuse. Essentially, the point of sustainability is to keep something for many years to come.


To last for life- the ultimate and basic idea of building sustainably. The number one reason why sustainable and eco-friendly materials are so popular is that they last. And who doesn’t want a long-lasting home? Long lasting automatically means durable and durable means low maintenance. It is everything homeowners look for in just one method.

Top quality building materials are bamboo, solar panels, natural fiber wool carpeting, wood, metal roofing, concrete roofing and flooring, mycelium. There are so many options to choose from. The best thing about eco-friendly materials is that they come from nature but don’t take away from it.


Advanced framing techniques or optimum value engineering is the main concept of green building. To simplify it, it means to use less and get more. It is a form of house framing that uses less material and results in fully functional properties. Advanced framing techniques have countless benefits. Builders are able to cut labor and materials costs, improve the energy efficiency of your home and provide you with a more permanent house.  Advanced framing is still completely in harmony with building codes.


By building sustainable, you conserve energy and save money in the long run. In a bigger picture, you help the entire world save energy that otherwise simply slips through your uninsulated windows or roof. You contribute to lowering percentage of waste products in the world. Secondly, you conserve you homes energy, and therefore you save tremendous amounts of money. If you build green, you could save up to 40 percent of energy annually.


Green building doesn’t just guarantee to save the world and fill your bank account. It ensures you to boost your health by improving the quality of your home. All-natural materials contribute to air quality. Materials such as natural wool, insulation, laminates and so on have green properties instead of artificial ones. Remember, natural is always healthier.


We love getting in touch with different companies who build by the green principles. That is why we were thrilled to be able to sit down and talk to the staff of Georgia Roof Pro, roofing company Lawrenceville, and discuss eco-friendly materials.  Georgia Roof Pro uses completely toxic-free materials. During our meeting, they explained to us how they appreciate green roofing because it is a long lasting, durable and ( from a long term perspective) affordable option. We went through their photo gallery, and we loved their slate roof category.  Georgia Roof Pro doesn’t just use green materials, but they use them correctly. They build high-quality roofing systems at the best price possible. Before we write about someone, we always check their background and reviews.  We can honestly say that everything we saw online completely fit our expectations.

Positive experiences flooded Google reviews, and we are entirely convinced that Georgia Roof Pro can help you too in building green, energy efficient and affordable roofing system.


Georgia Roof Pro

2150 Appleton Circle Northeast,
Lawrenceville, GA , 30043

Phone: (770) 757-9300

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM
Payment Method: All Major Credit Cards and Checks

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