Eco friendly roofing materials

In today’s society it’s important to make eco-friendliness embedded into our daily lives. The developed society has the ability to make up for the damage it has caused throughout the existence of the human race. Since we are well-aware of the damage we have somehow managed to cause, we are slowly working towards repairing it. More and more things are being reconfigured to gain the title of being eco-friendly. Not one aspect of our daily life is being left out. That means even the roofing industry has developed a way of utilizing eco-friendly materials and techniques.

When it comes to the most common choice in residential roofing, most would agree it’s the asphalt, be it shingle or slate. That’s because it’s relatively cheap to both install and maintain. Moreover, it’s longevity is average, nothing to get worked up about but still enough to make you want to buy it. Although the trend of an eco-friendly society has been around for a few decades, there are still a lot of asphalt roofs around. However, soon enough even they should expire and adapt to the growing standards of the roofing industry.

The most popular eco-friendly choices in roofing today include recycled shingles. They are most commonly seen and can be made of different materials, such as plastic and wood. Their main feature is their durability.

Wood has always been a popular choice, being used in either the shape of shingle or slate. However, the main downside to using wood as your material of choice in your roofing project is the fact that it’s highly regulated in most states across the US. That’s mainly due to their immense flammability, which renders them practically useless in hot areas. Luckily, due to the advancements in technology, even that is becoming a problem of the past.

According to a top roofing company in Atlanta, metal roofing systems are a rising star in the roofing industry, having transitioned from commercial to residential use. They are always made out of at least 40% recycled material. By utilizing the best metal has to offer, you can even reach a level of 100% recyclability. They are also resistant to fire, and have a high tolerance when it comes to deal with harsh weather conditions. To top it off, they can easily be placed on top of your existing roof.

Green roofing systems are as green as it gets. They implement different types of vegetation sitting on a specially-designed membrane that has an integrated root barrier, irrigation and drainage systems. The plants collect rainwater so there’s no need to worry about leaking. Although, you should check if your foundations can take the weight of the newly-added mass of dirt.

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