We already said that a thermostat is a component which senses the temperature of a system so that the system’s temperature is maintained near the desired set point. It regulates the temperature so that it is never too hot or too cold inside your home. But over the years thanks to modern digital technologies even an everyday device like a thermostat has got an upgrade. Thanks to the internet, the thermostat has become a member of Internet of Things, today there are thermostats that come equipped with a Wi-Fi receiver that allows the thermostat to collect data of its surrounding like the outside temperature, humidity, wind speed. While most users roll their eyes, thinking it is an excessive feature, at Green Energy Solution we think the opposite, having control of your environment greatly lowers your energy bills since now you have complete data and even the thermostat can help you regulate the temperature. Well, now it can do it even better. It is taking into consideration the climate and weather your home is facing every day before making a “suggestion”. Another neat feature about ithermostat is its ability to connect to your smartphone, so through you can regulate your home’s temperature which is great if you are coming home from work or if you forgot to turn it off before leaving. All these small improvements and upgrades help save you energy and lower your energy bills.

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