Tools that save energy

Taking care of your garden takes a lot of energy and good will, there are a lot of activities involved in it that require your attention. In most cases your need help from a garden tool like mallet, shears, shovel or something like that. And if you look in your local garden store you will find a wide array of tools like hedge trimmers, edger, shredders, hover mowers and much more. They all require a lot of energy to manufacture and even more to power them. While they are great to have, sometimes you should ask yourself do you really need them. We at Green Energy Solutions think that if possible you should see if your neighborhood and community is maybe willing to borrow you one. Also it a great way to build good neighborhood relationship.

But besides borrowing, you should also consider using hand tools, with a right tool you can do any job, without the need to spend energy or having cables around your feet and in your way. Ask in a local store for advice in order to find the best tool for your need. Another great way to preserve energy is to get your hand on a manual lawnmower since driven one need petrol to run.

Now that your lawn is nice and trimmed and your garden in order, perhaps you want to put a couple of atmospheric lights around it? Well, while they look nice they still pollute the night sky and require energy to run. So, if you still want to get them, think about getting solar powered ones. Several companies manufacture garden lights with solar cells which charge NiCad batteries during the day. Some can be set to automatically switch on at dusk. Designs include strictly utilitarian, discreetly modern, and lanterns on shepherd’s crooks. You may find these products in better electrical and lighting retailers, as well as some garden centers.

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