Green options in roofing

Nowadays, it’s becoming growingly important to utilize eco-friendly materials in every aspect of our daily lives. Since humanity’s grown well-aware of the climate change it has caused, more and more products are being reconfigured to fit the new eco-friendly standard.

All industries are caught up in this eco-friendly revolution, and so is the roofing industry. Roofs are generally a major part of your household and can perform many functions: they can create energy if you decide to use solar panels, they can effectively lower your household bills by reflecting or absorbing heat. Moreover, they can even work on lowering your towns’ urban heat island effect, which is becoming a problem for more and more cities throughout the state. According to Kyle, owner of Savannah roofing company, the use of „green“ materials is considered to be a great investment into your future.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly solution for your roofing system, here are a few options you can consider.

First of all, a green roof is a roofing system covered in various forms of vegetation. Placed on top of a waterproof membrane, strengthened by a root barrier, proper drainage, and irrigation systems, you don’t have to worry about leaking. Most of the rainwater is collected by the plants since they require them to live. Since they are usually placed on top of an existing roof, they offer another layer of insulation. That is only applicable in case your foundations can take it. Dirt and all of the above-mentioned features do weigh a lot, so make sure to check upfront whether or not your foundations can take it without collapsing or suffering any damage. The main downside to installing a green roof is the price of its installation and the general cost of maintenance.

Second of all, brown roof are becoming rather popular among many homeowners across the US. Generally similar to a green roof in concept and structure, brown roofs aim for achieving a high rate of biodiversity. Although it’s called a brown roof, it isn’t necessarily brown in color. At first, it is, but that’s just because that’s the color of the soil. Later on, vegetation usually covers it. They can provide housing for insects, indigenous plants, wetland areas for mosses and lichens and so on. All brown roofs are made of at least 40% recycled material, although with careful selection of materials, a level of a 100% could easily be reached. Brown roof don’t require a great deal of maintenance. However, you should check up on them quarterly just to make sure.

Other eco-friendly options include installing a white roof, which can significantly reduce the temperature of your household by reflecting the sun’s heat. The best eco-friendly solution would be to install an all-white metal roof. Also, standing seam metal roofs are also a viable eco-friendly option. They are generally extremely durable and have a huge lifespan. Not only that, they reflect the sun’s heat and are fully recyclable. Their main downside is their price. Solar roofing systems are always a great option for someone who wants to completely utilize the sun, as the main source of fueling. Wooden shingles are always a great option to add that rustic appeal to your household but are highly regulated due to their extreme flammability. Furthermore, there are recycled-content shingle roofs, slate roofs, roof overhangs and so on.

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